Welcome to the UNT Tuba Studio

Row 1 (Left to Right): Dr. Brian Bowman, Guytano Martorano, Nicholas Liebl, Aaron Torres, Zack Juarez, Elizabeth Speltz, Casey Nidetch, Angela (Szu Han) Wang, Alexander Moreno, Jesse McConnell, Kyle Ayoub, Professor Don Little 

Row 2 (Left to Right): Professor Dennis Fisher, Kosuke Toho, Ran Li, Dino Duronio, Ben Lyon, Austin Crumrine, Charles Agueros, Josh Smith, Keith Packman, Zach Marley, Mark Jeffrey, Carl Kleinsteuber



Leadership: August 13th 
New Members: August 15th 
Returning Members: August 16th 

Contact section leader Elizabeth Speltz (elizabethspeltz@gmail.com) with any questions!


Freshman Tuba Class (FTC)

Pre FTC will take place until the semester starts.  ALL tuba students are encouraged to join! For more information, contact Jesse McConnell (jessemcc3@outlook.com) or click here