Tuba Clinic Notes

Tuba Clinic Notes (Chinese) 

Chinese translated by Li-Wen Lin. (Lin is a recent MM tuba graduate from UNT.)

The Tuba Clinic Notes include information concerning posture, breathing, embouchure, tone, articulation, tuning, practicing and recommended reading.

Tuba Solo Syllabus 

The Tuba Solo Syllabus provides proficiency levels of undergraduate and graduate levels of solo performance for tuba concentration study at UNT. Listings include piano accompaniment unless otherwise noted.

Tuba Concentration Syllabus 

The proficiency levels indicated in the Tuba Concentration Syllabus are relative levels of performance, and these levels do not always correspond to a student's academic classification. This guide is not intended as a primary performance goal, but rather as a general list of minimum essentials. The listed practice and study materials include etudes, orchestral studies, texts and scale requirements. There is also general information concerning public performances, ensemble participation, concert/recital attendance, jury requirements and Euphonium Tuba Choir.

Low Range Fingerings for BBb Tubas
Low Range Fingerings for CC Tubas

The Low Register Fingerings for Tubas provide information on fingering possiblilities for three and four valve BBb and CC tubas.